Type w h m
Beginner 9 9 10
Medium 16 16 40
Expert 30 16 99
Don't die.


How To Play Classic Minesweeper !

The first step is the hardest. Clicking on a random place(s) and hoping you’re not blown to bits. If you click on a non-bomb area, the square will either open up to be blank, or will contain a number from 1 to 8. These numbers specify the number of bombs that are adjacent to that block. 1 means there is only 1 bomb adjacent to it, while 8 would mean all blocks adjacent to it are bombs. Next, you need to do a bit of calculations. You need to find out which block will contain the bomb(s). These calculations are to be performed based on multiple blocks that are either clear or contain other numbers.

Play Free Emoji Minesweeper Online

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Minesweeper Online

Minesweeper Others Names : Campo Minado, Сапёр Онлайн, Buscaminas Online, Démineur En Ligne, Campo Minato online, 扫雷(踩地雷), マインスイーパー, 지뢰 찾기 클래식, тральшчык, minolovac, миночистач, dragaminas, minolovka, minestryger, mijnenveger, miinilaeva, miinanraivaaja, dragueur de mines, caza de minas, Minensuchboot, ναρκοσυλλέκτης, dragamine, mīnu traleris, миночистач, Dragadeira de minas, тральщик, dragaminas, minsvepare, тральщик, كاسحة ألغام.